We do more for your safety

Really good business ideas come from personal experience. It was the same with scheffinger. A burglary in his own four walls prompted the company founder to put a stop to future burglary attempts in the truest sense of the word.

Your safety is the top priority in order to feel comfortable
able in familiar surroundings. With our products we
create the necessary protection for you and your home.

This is how the first successful product came about, the patented EM3 locking bar, which quickly established itself as the high quality standard in mechanical burglary protection. In the hands of the new shareholders, both the product range and the services are growing and thriving.

Your advantages with scheffinger:

  • 100% high-quality steel "Made in Germany"
  • wide range for every requirement
  • Simply retrofit windows and doors
  • uncomplicated self-assembly
  • individual purchase advice
  • DIN 18104-1 and ISO-certified quality
  • recommended by the public (e.g. criminal police advice centers) as burglary protection

Einsatzgebiete der Fenster- und Türschutzriegel

  • Öffentliche Gebäude
  • Bürogebäude
  • Besprechungsräume / Tagungsräume
  • Wohnräume
  • Geschäftsräume
  • Produktionshallen
  • Industrieanlagen
  • Serverräume / IT-Zentren
  • Galerien und Museen
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