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Discover the versatile uses of the Scheffinger EM3 window bolt!

Our EM3 window bolt not only offers first-class burglary protection, but also numerous other possible applications . Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Security windows: Of course the EM3 is ideal for securing windows, but did you know that it can also be used on patio and balcony doors?

  2. Sheds and Garages: Protect not only your home but also your outbuildings. The EM3 is perfect for sheds and garage doors.

  3. Vacation Rentals: If you rent out a vacation rental, you can use the EM3 to provide your guests with additional security.

  4. Basement windows: Don't forget the windows in the basement! The EM3 also protects this potential vulnerability.

  5. Light wells: Burglars often use light wells to get into your home. The EM3 can also be used here.

  6. Commercial properties: Not just for apartments - EM3 is also ideal for commercial locations.

With the Scheffinger EM3 window bolt, there are no limits to your creativity. Create a safe and secure environment for everything that is important to you!

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