What is the EM3 and V77 made of?

  • The EM3 and V77 are manufactured in one piece in a steel foundry in Germany. It consists of high-quality stainless steel with a chrome-manganese alloy and is then powder-coated. This creates its robustness, which can withstand a force of over one ton.

What does "RC2" mean?

  • Manual burglar alarms are divided into resistance classes according to European standards (resistance class; abbreviation: RC). The recommendation of the police and insurance companies is to select class RC2 or higher when retrofitting windows and doors. This security class is met by the certified scheffinger products.
Where can I mount the EM3 and V77?
  • You can attach the EM3 and the V77 to wooden windows/doors, metal/aluminium windows/doors and plastic windows/doors with metal reinforcement. If it is a plastic window without metal reinforcement, you should contact our service hotline before installation.

What do I need to mount the EM3 and V77?

  • You only need a cordless/battery-powered screwdriver. The individual parts for mounting, including detailed installation instructions, can be found in the packaging. In the case of metal windows, we recommend pre-drilling with a smaller 4.5 mm drill so that the screw can be screwed in easily. If you do not want to carry out the installation yourself, please consult a specialist.

How many fuses do I need to secure a window or door?

  • Here we refer to the recommendation of the DIN standard and the police. It is to secure windows and doors all around. One retrofit product should be installed on each side for every meter of window or door height. At least one retrofit product must be lockable on the fastening side (handle side). We recommend our patented two-handed lock EM3 plus . If you send us a cell phone photo of your windows and doors, we'll give you a quick, uncomplicated estimate of how many security measures make sense.

What should I do first - install an alarm system or a mechanical security?

  • The police always recommend the installation of mechanical safety devices as a first step. The alarm system is to be understood as additional protection.

Do I have to bear all the costs myself?

  • No, you can apply for a subsidy from the KfW. Since March 21, 2017, the installation of anti-burglary measures has been subsidized from an investment sum of 500,00€ - and is therefore now also of interest to tenants. Please note that the application must be made before proper installation. You can also submit the application online on the KfW grant portal .

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