Warum steigt die Einbruchsrate im Winter?

Why does the burglary rate increase in winter?

The burglary rate usually increases in winter because it gets dark earlier and burglars can hide more easily. Your house may also seem uninhabited if there is no light and no life. But don't worry, with the right burglary protection tips you can increase your security. Make sure that windows and doors are well secured. Use timers for lights and radios to simulate presence. Consider installing an alarm system. Remember, security is not an accident, but a matter of taking the right precautions. Stay alert and protect your house during the dark season.

The cold and dark season not only brings cozy hours in front of the fireplace, but unfortunately also an increased risk of burglary. Find out how you can effectively protect yourself from burglars.

It's a sad truth that as the temperatures drop, the burglary rate increases. The early darkness provides ideal conditions for burglars. But don't worry, we have some tips for you to make your home safer.

Start by checking your windows and doors. Are they really burglar-proof? Consider whether it would make sense to invest in security technology.

Don't forget to leave the lights on when you leave the house. It can deter potential burglars.

Remember, security is not a one-time action. Stay alert and take precautions to protect your home. Because wintertime doesn't have to be burglary time!

Secure your doors and windows: Make sure your doors and windows are adequately secured. Burglar-resistant locks and window latches are a good way to protect against intruders.

Alarm systems and surveillance cameras: Use modern security technology such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras. These deter potential burglars and, in an emergency, can provide important evidence and increase burglary protection.

Exactly, you should definitely look after your house in the winter. With a few simple tips, you can significantly increase your protection against burglary. For example, pay attention to your windows. If they are well secured, burglars have a harder time. Did you know that many burglaries happen through unsecured windows? It is therefore worth investing in security here and ideally equipping it with burglar-proof security film. In addition, your house should always appear occupied, even when you are not there. Burglars often choose empty houses. This can easily be avoided with timers and other tricks. Stay safe in the winter!

Outdoor lighting: Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the outdoor area of ​​your house, this increases protection against burglary. Motion detectors and good lighting deter burglars, as they prefer to operate in the dark.

Lockable windows and secured doors with deadbolts and door locks: Another important tip for the security of your home is to secure all windows well. Burglars often use easily accessible windows to break in. Invest in lockable window handles and additional window locks. This will make your home less attractive to uninvited guests in the winter.

Avoid hinting that you are away: Be careful not to leave any signs that you are away, as this will reduce your protection against burglary. Empty your mailbox regularly, use timers for lights and let your neighbors know when you are going away.

Invest in security technology: It's winter time and therefore peak season for burglars. Secure your doors and windows with additional locks and robust materials. Surveillance cameras and alarm systems can act as a deterrent and help prevent break-ins. Don't forget to check the batteries regularly. That's why we recommend manual robust security solutions in addition, as burglars have become more and more technologically knowledgeable.

Stay alert: Always be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Report any irregularities to the police immediately to protect yourself and your neighbors. Remember that burglaries can occur not only at night but also during the day. And don't forget to always lock your door, even if you're away for a short time. Opportunity makes thieves!

Safe storage of valuables: Keep valuables such as jewelry or important documents safe. Burglar-proof safes offer a good way to protect your valuables and provide protection against burglary.

Window and door security: Don't forget to secure your windows. Burglars often look for unsecured windows to get into the house. With a few security tips like sturdy locks and shutters, you can block this burglary route.

Alarm and surveillance systems: Invest in a good security system. This can deter burglars and alert you immediately in case of a break-in. Remember that security in the home should always be a top priority, especially during the winter time.

Lighting effects: A well-lit house can deter burglars. Use timers for your lights when you are not at home. A house that looks occupied is less inviting to burglars. Nevertheless, you should provide burglar-proof window and door guards and locks.

Neighborhood help and exchange as well as networking: Exchange ideas with your neighbors and form a strong community. Mutual support and attentive neighbors increase burglary protection and prevent or uncover crimes more quickly.

Yes, you're right! Neighborhood help is an important factor in burglary protection. An attentive neighbor can often prevent a burglary by noticing unusual activity and reacting immediately. It is also helpful if the house or apartment looks occupied. If you are away in the winter, ask your neighbors to turn on the lights or empty the mailbox every now and then. This can give the impression that someone is at home and increase security. Another tip is to always secure windows and doors well to make life difficult for burglars.

Get expertise: Get professional advice from experts in the field of burglary protection for windows, doors and terraces. They can give you individual tips and recommendations to secure your home as best as possible so that you feel safe.

Take security measures: Increase the security of your home by installing alarms and security locks. Good lighting can also deter burglars. It is important to feel safe at any time of year, but especially during the winter.

Be careful with social media: Don't share too much information about your home or when you're away on social media. Burglars often take advantage of this information. Don't use locations or vehicles in your posts because this information and data can be used by potential burglars to spy on them and take the opportunity to break into your home. Be alert and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. A watchful eye can prevent a break-in.

In summary, with a few simple measures you can effectively protect yourself against burglaries and enjoy the winter in safety without worry. Remember that prevention is the best protection against burglaries and invest in the security of your home.

In fact, winter is unfortunately often the time of burglary. But with our tips, you can protect your house as best as possible. Burglary protection starts with the windows and doors: secure them well, as they are often the first point of contact for burglars. It is also important to leave light on in the house so that it appears occupied. Another tip is to get on good terms with your neighbors - they can keep an eye on your home when you are not there. Remember, safety always comes first. With these measures, you can enjoy the winter with peace of mind and safety.

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