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New KfW funding I Age-appropriate conversion including burglary protection

Age-appropriate renovation with the KfW funding programme – burglary protection included

More and more people are striving to live independently and safely in their own four walls, even in old age. The KfW funding program " Alternative conversion " (loan no. 159) offers an ideal opportunity to finance necessary conversion measures and adapt the living situation accordingly. However, the program not only offers advantages in terms of accessibility and comfort, but also in terms of burglary protection.

Background to the program: The KfW funding program "Age-appropriate conversion" was launched to help people make their apartments and houses age-appropriate. This includes measures such as installing barrier-free bathrooms, creating ground-level access or installing elevators. The goal is to enable older people to live as independently and safely as possible in their own four walls.

Benefits of the program:

  • Financial support: Low-interest loans and repayment grants make renovation work financially easier.
  • Increased quality of life: Barrier-free apartments enable independent living into old age and increase the quality of life.
  • Security: In addition to accessibility, burglary protection also plays an important role. Through targeted renovation measures, apartments and houses can be made safer, which is particularly important for older people.

Burglary protection in focus: An important aspect of the "Age-appropriate renovation" program is burglary protection. Older people are often particularly at risk of becoming victims of burglary. Therefore, the program also promotes measures to secure windows and doors. These include, for example, the installation of burglar-proof windows and doors, the installation of alarm systems or the use of safety glass.

Conclusion: The KfW funding program "Age-appropriate conversion" offers an ideal opportunity to make apartments and houses safer and more comfortable. In addition to accessibility, the focus is also on burglary protection in order to offer older people the safest possible home. Use this opportunity to make your home age-appropriate and safe.

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