Neues Design, neue Farben für den Haus und Objektschutz mit Scheffinger

New colours in the window latch range

Expansion of the color palette for the window latches:

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our color palette for window latches. Now you can make your home not only secure, but also modern. With the expanded color range, you can customize your window latch to perfectly match your design. What's more, these colorful window latches offer additional burglary protection. After all, an eye-catching window latch can act as a deterrent to potential burglars. So expanding our color palette not only makes your home more attractive, but also increases your security. Make your home safer and more beautiful with our colorful window latches.

Why are window latches in different colors important?

Expanding the color palette for window latches offers many advantages. You can personalize your home building project with color accents and underline your personal style. The selection of window latches in jet black or other colors gives your home a unique look. And of course, the right window latch also offers optimal protection against burglary. Whether you want to buy a designer window guard or want to furnish your home sustainably, a wide color palette offers you more inspiration and choice. This turns furnishing and living into a designer experience. All in all, expanding the color palette for window latches is a great way to make your home sustainable and stylish.

The new trends in window protection color design:

You've probably already noticed: The color palette for window latches has expanded! Away from the usual white and gray tones, towards fresh and vibrant colors. This new interpretation allows for individual design and allows you to give your home a unique character. You can now discover the latest trends online and furnish your home sustainably. Individual advice will help you find the perfect color for your window latches. And the best part? This innovative design has already won several awards in Germany. So it's time to show your colors and freshen up your home with new window latches and integrate burglar-resistant retrofit products from home design.

What are the benefits of expanded color options for window latches?

The expansion of the color palette for window latches offers you many advantages. Firstly, by choosing the right color, you can decorate and live in your home individually. You can also improve the overall look of your house, which in turn increases the value of your property. With our years of experience in the field of window protection, we can guarantee that you can shop online and directly with us for affordable, high-quality products. In addition, the right choice of color can also help to better protect your windows from the weather. With the expanded color palette, you now have even more options to choose from.

Tips for choosing the right color for your window and door lock:

Choosing the right color for your window latches can be an important aspect of design. With the expansion of the color palette for window latches, you now have more choice. Whether you are looking for a fine German design or just want to reflect your company colors, the expanded color palette gives you more flexibility. You have the option to customize your window latches to match your personal style or corporate design. With more colors to choose from, you can be sure that your window latch will match your home perfectly. Don't forget that a window latch is not only practical, it also serves as a design element. Color can really make a difference!

How to get your window latches in the color you want

Your window guards don't have to be boring anymore! With the expansion of the window latch color palette, you can now navigate the modern world of window design. Whether you want a bold or understated color, you have the freedom to edit your window latches to match your home. Before you make the purchase, make sure you've carefully considered your options. With a wider color palette, the choice is now bigger and more exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Make your window latches a real eye-catcher and visit our online store !

Customer experiences with extended color palettes for window latches

The expansion of the color palette for security devices has been a hit with our customers. Gone are the days when window locks were only available in boring colors. Now you can choose your window latches to match your interior design or even your kitchen! Make your home unique with our expanded color palettes for window latches.

How advanced color options can enhance the design of your home

Expanding the color palette for the window latches is a great element to freshen up your home. With this option, you can improve the charm and aesthetics of your living space and set design accents. It is an easy way to give your home an individual flair. It does not matter whether you choose vibrant or soft colors. You can perfectly match your window latches to your other home accessories. It is no wonder that such a well thought-out design is often nominated for the German Design Plus Award. Scheffinger GmbH has already won this award. Rely on the variety of colors and let your home shine in new splendor and buy your window protection online.

In summary: The importance of color selection for window latches

 Choosing the right color for your window latches can make a big difference in your home. By expanding the color palette, you can add a personal touch to your rooms. Whether you are a lover of bold colors or more subtle tones, with the expanded color palette you are sure to find the perfect window latch. As with any design item, color plays an important role in window latches. They can influence not only your style, but also the atmosphere in your rooms. By choosing the right color, you can better showcase your furniture and create a harmonious look. German manufacturers such as Radius Design are also offering more and more color options. So, make the most of your home and experiment with the colors of your window latches!

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