Keyless Fahrzeugdiebstahl nimmt zu - Wie verhindern Sie das?

Keyless vehicle theft is on the rise - how do you prevent it?

Invest in security technology such as alarm systems or GPS trackers to protect your vehicle. Additional protection can also be provided by mechanical anti-theft devices such as steering wheel or pedal locks. Stay alert and increase your home security to give burglars no chance.

Introduction: How thieves break into keyless vehicles and how you can protect yourself

"Wintertime is burglary time" - this applies not only to your home, but also to your car. Keyless vehicles are particularly targeted by thieves. But don't worry, there are some measures you can take to protect yourself. The police recommend, for example, retrofitting security technology. Burglar protection for windows and doors can also be helpful for your car. It is always better to invest in security in Munich or elsewhere than to bear the damage after a burglary. Security at home and in the car should always be a priority. So, buy the right security technology and make your house and car burglar-proof. Protect your home and car in the winter!

The best alarm systems for your vehicle: an overview

Unfortunately, burglaries increase during the winter season. You may be wondering which alarm system is best to protect your vehicle? Let's take a look at the best alarm systems to keep your vehicle safe during burglary season.

Choosing the right alarm system for your vehicle is crucial to protecting it from burglaries. Here are some of the best alarm systems that can provide you with peace of mind during burglary season:

1. Remote control vehicle alarms: These systems allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. They often have a loud siren and can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.
2. GPS tracking systems: These alarm systems allow you to track the location of your vehicle in real time. You can also receive alerts if your vehicle is moved without authorization.
3. Passive alarm systems: These systems activate automatically when you leave your vehicle. They are unobtrusive and do not require any additional steps to activate.
4. Garage security systems: If you park your vehicle in a garage, you can take additional security measures such as garage alarm systems that can deter intruders.
5. Vehicle immobilization systems: These systems prevent your vehicle from starting unless the correct key or code is entered.
Remember that the best choice for your vehicle depends on your individual needs and budget. Before choosing an alarm system, it is advisable to seek expert advice and carefully consider the different options. The security of your vehicle should always be your first priority, especially in times of increased risk of burglary.

Tips for securing your vehicle during the winter:
In the wintertime, burglary rates increase - so it's important to keep your vehicle safe. Here are a few tips: keep valuables out of sight, install an alarm system and park in well-lit areas. Stay alert and don't leave any opportunities open for burglars.

Why are keyless vehicles a target for thieves in winter?

Keyless vehicles often become a target for thieves during the winter season. The reason lies in technology: thieves use signal amplifiers to pick up the signal from your key, even if it is hidden in your house. So, don't forget to take extra security measures during the cold season!
Facts and myths about vehicle theft in winter. But is this really the case or is it just a widespread myth? Let's take a closer look.
It is true that winter has become a burglary season. With longer nights, thieves have more opportunities to operate unnoticed. However, the myth that vehicle thefts increase in winter is not entirely correct. While the number of break-ins into apartments and houses does indeed increase, the number of vehicle thefts remains relatively constant. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should always secure your vehicle well, regardless of the time of year. A garage also offers additional protection. Stay alert, because unfortunately, opportunity makes thieves!
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