Die mechanischen Fensterriegel als Einbruchschutz in öffentlichen Gebäuden

Mechanical window latches as burglary protection in public buildings

Increase security in public buildings with the EM3 window latch. This robust window lock offers optimal burglary protection and serves as the ultimate window security. It combines the stability of a door chain with the convenience of a window latch. With its easy handling, the EM3 window latch is a reliable solution for window burglary protection. It fits perfectly with any window style and offers a high level of security. Invest in the EM3 window latch and ensure a safe environment in public buildings.

Main features of the EM3 window latch:

The EM3 window latch is a top product for your security. With its robust design and easy handling, it offers optimal protection against break-ins. The EM3 is made of high-quality steel that can withstand a prying pressure of up to 800 bar and guarantees a long service life. Furthermore, we have successfully received the required DIN EN 18104-1 certifications for burglar-resistant building elements. It is easy to install and adapts perfectly to any window. With its modern look, it not only improves security, but also the appearance of your windows. The EM3 window latch is also equipped with a special locking mechanism that offers additional protection. Secure your home with the EM3 window latch - the best on the market.

Areas of application of the EM3 window latch for authorities:

The EM3 window latch is ideal for authorities who value the highest level of burglary protection. Thanks to its robust construction, this window lock offers effective window security against unwanted intruders. Whether for office windows or archive rooms, the window latch ensures reliable window locking and increased burglary protection for windows. It is also ideal for tilt windows thanks to the window retainer for tilt windows. With the additional option of locking the door from the outside, the EM3 window latch offers all-round protection for your premises. Trust the EM3 window latch for maximum security and burglary protection.

Advantages of the EM3 window latch:

The EM3 window latch is your ideal partner for increased window burglary protection. With its robust design, it offers optimal protection against break-ins and serves as a window lock. The simple installation process makes it the perfect solution for any home and also serves as burglary protection for the door. Its modern, distinctive design fits in with any interior without adding bulk. It is compatible with almost all window types and offers long-lasting, reliable performance. The EM3 window latch is not only safe, but also extremely user-friendly. Its easy handling and maintenance make it an indispensable part of your home. With the EM3 window latch, you are always on the safe side.

Customer opinions and experiences:

Experience the ultimate burglary protection with our EM3 window latch. Our customers love the robust window lock that rivals any door chain. With the EM3 window latch you have reliable burglary protection for windows - a real window lock that puts a stop to burglars. As a window latch for tilt windows, it is unrivalled in terms of security. With the lockable door lock from the outside, your home becomes a fortress. Our window locks offer the best burglary protection for windows. You can easily retrofit this window lock and thus improve your window security against burglary. Convince yourself of the quality of our window latches and make your home safer. Secure the EM3 window latch now and enjoy a new level of security in your home. With this product you create a robust barrier against burglaries that is easy to install. Let yourself be convinced by the strength and reliability of the EM3 window latch, your best partner for window security.

Frequently asked questions about the EM3 window latch:

Discover the EM3 window latch - your ideal solution for window security and burglary protection. With its easy installation on the window frame, it offers an unbeatable level of window lock security. The window latch is also perfect as a door chain on your patio door. Thanks to its robust metal construction and high-quality precision cast materials, the EM3 window latch is a reliable burglary protection for windows. No complex maintenance required, just occasional dusting! Ideal for multiple windows as it is available in different pack sizes. Our burglar protection window retrofit was awarded as a top product. The EM3 window latch is more than just a window lock, it is your door security that can be locked from the outside. Secure your home with the unbeatable EM3 window latch!

Warranty and customer service:

Increase your security with the EM3 window latch, a top window security device. Our burglar-proof windows offer a robust window lock that is ideal for window security. With the EM3 window burglar protection you have the perfect burglar protection. It has a window stop and is ideal for tilt windows. The door lock can be locked from the outside, which offers additional protection. With the EM3 window lock you can upgrade your burglar-proof window. Trust the EM3 window latch to secure your home.

Order details and availability:

Optimize your home with the EM3 window latch - your ultimate burglary protection! This window lock is your solution for effective window security to protect your home from unwanted intruders. With the EM3 window latch you can easily upgrade your windows to be burglar-proof. It is easy to install and can be locked from the outside as a door lock. As a real window latch, it provides additional security, even for tilt windows. This window latch is more than just a simple window lock, it is the definitive burglary protection for your home. Get the EM3 window latch now and experience the feeling of real security.

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